What We Do

Caregiver Legal Assistance

Caregivers ensure the safety and health of the most vulnerable family members. Our advocates help caregivers who are caring for a household member over 60 years old caregivers who are themselves over the age of 55 caring for a minor child or disabled adult. 

Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

Qualifying small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and nonprofit affordable housing developers can get free legal aid in the formation and governance of their operations, business contracts, and real estate deals through Legal Services' Community Economic Development Initiative, the FCDL project. Please visit HERE to find out more and apply for free transactional legal services for your small business or nonprofit. 

Consumer Protection

Unscrupulous businesses often target the low income community with unfair and dishonest business practices. Our advocates assist with:

  • Garnishment of wages and bank accounts

  • Student loan problems

  • Payday loan problems

  • Disputes with credit reports


Disparities in educational outcomes for children with special needs is well documented. Our advocates assist students with disabilities to:

  • Obtain an individualized education plan (IEP)

  • Enforce an existing IEP


Accessing the medical care system can be daunting. Our advocates assist with:

  • Denial of Medicaid coverage and services

  • Issues with the Public Health Trust (PHT) at Jackson Health System

  • Access to health insurance through a marketplace plan

  • Denial of essential health benefits from a marketplace or employer insurance plan


The most common way that families build wealth is through homeownership. Our advocates assist homeowners facing:

  • Foreclosure

  • Contractor Issues

  • Problems with Title to the home

Income Tax

Problems with the Internal Revenue Service can be complicated and often result in the withholding of tax refunds. Our advocates assist taxpayers with:

  • Tax debts

  • Identity theft

  • Tax preparer fraud

Public Benefits

Many in our community lack access to basic necessities. We advocate to ensure that individuals and families have access to benefits that the government has determined can promote stability for both them and our community. We assist in denials, terminations, and reductions of:

  • Food stamps

  • Cash assistance

  • Reemployment assistance

  • Social Security disability benefits

Tenants' Rights

Access to safe and stable housing is the bedrock of a healthy community. Our advocates ensure that families have continued access to safe and affordable housing. Our advocates assist tenants in Section 8, public housing, and private housing with a variety of legal issues such as:

  • Eviction

  • Termination

  • Housing Conditions

  • Discrimination

Veteran's Advocacy

We help veterans and their families with a variety of legal issues, including:

  • Discharge Upgrade

  • Veteran's Benefits