Chesterfield Smith Society 

The Chesterfield Smith Society continues the legacy of the great Chesterfield Smith (1917-2003), a lifelong advocate for Legal Services for the Poor. Chesterfield encouraged all lawyers to “do good” by providing pro bono legal services and supporting organizations that work to en­sure that all persons have access to justice in our civil legal system without regard to their ability to pay.

In the 1990s, Chesterfield led a three-year capital campaign that enabled Legal Services to buy the building that would eventually become the Chesterfield Smith Center for Equal Justice. The Center continues to be a home for Equal Justice warriors who continue the good fight every day and, thanks to him, will continue to do so for many years to come.

For information on joining the Chesterfield Smith Society contact Executive Director Monica Vigues-Pitan.

GUARDIANS $2,500-$4,999

Dr. Karen Brooks
Hon. Jorge E. Cueto

Diaz Reus & Targ  

Hon. Mary Jo Francis

Gwen S. Cherry Black Women Lawyers Association

Ellen Leesfield ADR
Pamela Perry, P.A.

Nelson Mullins
TD Bank

Wiseheart Foundation

CHAMPIONS $1000-$2499

Julie A. Azuaje

Gregory A. Baldwin & Jose M. Castro  

Rosemary Barkett Fund

Berger Singerman LLP  

William S. Berk

Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors & Accountants

Maura Bulman 

Caroline Corbin

Michael Diaz, Jr.

Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein * 

Dana Dombey

Jennifer E. Fine

Jordi Guso

Thomas Hawkins

Jeffrey Hearne

Commissioner Sally A. Heyman

George Jenkins

Kelley Kronenberg

Jason Kellogg

Kula & Associates, P.A.

Carolina A. Lombardi

Marsh & McLennan

Christina & Peter A. Mekras

The Miami Foundation

Hon. Bronwyn Miller

Barnaby L. Min

Munar Law

Gisela Munoz

Michael Olin

Patricia Redmond

Bruce Rogow

Hon. Patricia A. Seitz

Shubin & Bass

ADVOCATES $500-$999

Jeffrey S. Benjamin

Jason E. Bloch

Robert Boyers

Karen Cespedes

Damian & Valori

Manuel L. Dobrinsky

Richard Dunn

Sarah Clasby Engel*

Wifredo A. Ferrer

Rachel W. Furst

Rachel Glade

Allison Clasby Harke*

Harke Law, LLP

Roberto Hernandez

Joel Hirschhorn

Homer Bonner Jacobs Ortiz

Brett Horowitz

Lawrence & Jacquelyn Kamin Fund

Kevin Kenneally

Ashton Hunter Kingsman

Michael Levine

Freddi Mack

Richard Milstein

Christopher Noel

Carlos Osorio

Joel Perwin

Hon. Catherine Ravinski

Services on Site

Jacqueline Simkin

Matthew J. Sitkowski

H.T. Smith

Monica Vigues-Pitan

Wetzel & Associates

Burton Young

FRIENDS $350-$499

Henry N. Adorno

John M. Barkett

Sheryl E. Berkowitz

Ilana Bitton

Kathy R. Cantor

James S. Carmichael

Jose A. Casal

Vivian Z. Chavez

David C. Cimo

Karon M. Coleman

Jose Cuneo

Marcia K. Cypen

Nicholas M. Daniels

Mary Ann David

D. Porpoise Evans

Gill S. Freeman

Carmen J. Fuente

Kelly Garces

Monique Garcia

Pauline Green

Pascale Guerrier

Armando Hernandez

David Jaksic

Jonathan M. Jaffe

Jade Kastel

Robert T. Kofman

Karen J. Lapekas

David O. Leiwant

Arya Attari Li

R. Hugh Lumpkin

Aleida Martinez-Molina

Paul Morris

Rene V. Murai

Hung V. Nguyen

Tracy A. Nichols

Susan Osorio

Aaron Pease

Larry Pounders, Esq. & Dr. Fatima Sequiera Fund

Kevin Probst

Daniel W. Raab

C. Ryan Reetz

Karel Remudo

David Rogero

Arthur R. Rosen

Stephen F. Rosenthal

Patrick Russell

Matthew K. Ryan

Frank P. Scruggs

Edward R. Shohat

Dayron Silverio

Thomas W. Snook

Jeanne Spital

Amanda R. Stevens

Marilyn Strauss

Peter Suarez

Miguel A. Suro

J. Michael Wermuth

Werth-Silver Foundation

Jennifer A. West

Patricia D. White 

Donor Levels Reflect Annual Gifts for the Period Beginning 5/1/2020

* Sustaining donors

Pledges and Gifts as of 5/6/2021