Each year in Miami, buildings rise, businesses grow, and the arts expand; but in the shadow of our glittering skyline and growing notoriety, 550,000 of our neighbors, most of them families, live in poverty. They often encounter legal barriers to providing basic necessities for their families, combined with the challenge of obtaining justice in our complex legal system.


For over 50 years, Legal Services of Greater Miami (Legal Services) has been a powerful advocate for equal justice in our community. Our attorneys protect and defend the rights of our vulnerable neighbors when they face legal barriers to their economic stability and forward progress. Equal justice and access to legal representation is often viewed as an abstract and noble intention. However, for many in our community equal justice translates into access to housing, education, and healthcare—all basic essentials of personal safety and well-being. Without legal assistance, even minor problems often escalate and create insurmountable barriers to economic stability, tearing families apart and driving them further into poverty.

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