United Way Center for Financial Stability Partners with Legal Services

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Mandy Mills, Esq.

Over the past two years, Legal Services and The United Way have developed an exciting and successful partnership. The United Way Center for Financial Stability (CFS) provides working families a range of services to help them obtain financial independence, including financial coaching, financial education, free tax preparation, credit counseling, debt management, employment and homeownership assistance and benefits enrollment. Through our collaboration and under the leadership of Senior Attorney, Mandy Mills, Legal Services’ attorneys assist CFS clients with their legal needs. Whether it involves detailed advice on a legal matter or court representation, United Way’s CFS clients receive the full spectrum of services appropriate to address their legal needs.

Martin’s Story

United Way CFS client Martin, head of his household, was in danger of having 25% of his wages garnished to collect toward a judgement previously obtained against him. This would have placed his family in danger of losing their fragile financial stability. Legal Services filed a Claim of Exemption with the court and instead of waiting for a hearing, she was successful in convincing the plaintiffs’ attorneys that Martin met the legal requirements to be considered head of family. The plaintiffs’ attorneys voluntarily dissolved their writ of garnishment on Martin’s wages allowing him to keep the wages he desperately needs to keep his family safe, secure and continuing on the path to economic stability.

Saving Suzie’s Home

Suzie returned home to find a writ of possession on her door. This meant the police could return at any moment and place her possessions on the street, leaving her and her family homeless. Suzie had fallen behind on her rent. With the United Way’s financial assistance, Legal Services negotiated a payment arrangement with the landlord and he agreed to vacate the final judgement of eviction and dismiss the eviction. Suzie and her family were able to remain in their home and avoid the negative financial impact of an eviction.

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