Legal Services is proud to have had Samuel Sachs and Jacob Niergath as law clerks in the Tenants Rights’ Division. Their contributions were invaluable especially amidst the housing crisis brought upon by the pandemic. We are also proud to have had Bianca Ferreira and Jordan Brooks join the Health & Income Maintenance (HIM) Unit as law clerks. Legal Services utilized their limited legal training to assist our busy attorneys by conducting research, completing forms, drafting pleadings, making calls, and organizing client files.

We thank them as well the entire summer law clerk class for their commitment and service and wish them much continued success!

Having the opportunity to clerk at Legal Services of Greater Miami has opened my eyes to the disparities our community faces. During my time at Legal Services, I have had the chance to help over 150 individuals and families navigate their housing issues and avoid eviction. Without this experience, I would have not fully understood the importance of Legal Services and the amazing work we do to help our neighbors.”

Working in the tenant's rights division provided a window into the ongoing struggle that so many individuals and families are enduring at this moment. Working with skilled and proficient attorneys gave me a front row seat to seeing the system work to ameliorate the suffering of those facing potentially one of the most stressful experiences in their lives. It is rewarding to see one's work translate into change in the world of others, and that is especially true when the change means a family being able to remain in their home or helping an individual alone in this country avoid homelessness. It changed how I see the legal profession and illustrated the ways in which people trust attorneys with some of the most important aspects of their lives.”

Working with Legal Services of Greater Miami was very rewarding and educational. I gained valuable lessons about injustice and discrimination that occurs in our communities, and how the law can aid in those issues. It was very worthwhile for law clerks to know that at Legal Services, they can make a great impact on clients’ lives.

. Working in the HIM unit, I have learned the legal and administrative policy guidelines underlying numerous public benefit programs, from Social Security and Medicare to temporary assistance for needy families. Moreover, through the numerous educational programs, trainings, and the Lunch and Learn program, I was able to learn about various other public interest sectors from housing to environmental justice. As an aspiring physician-attorney, it was great to learn about and work with cases within the medical-legal partnership..”

For more information on the Legal Services Law Clerk Program, please contact Chief Diversity Officer & Pro Bono Advocacy Director Jayme Cassidy,

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