Stories of Legal Services Representing Women in Business in Honor of Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Legal Services recognizes the achievements of two female entrepreneurs in our community. Through the Florida Community Development Project led by Legal Services, the attorneys represent female small business owners to help them overcome legal barriers that hinder the growth and success of their small business.

Ukeme Official LLC is a black female-owned business that sells unisex clothing featuring African inspired art, graphics, and designs created by business owner, Tiffany Gordon. The artist sells her clothing online through a website and social media, and often contracts with social media influencers to advertise her clothing on social media. Legal Services’ Staff Attorney Daniela Cimo advised Tiffany on how to protect her business through the creation of essential contracts and intellectual property registrations. Daniela drafted a contract for the business to use with its contracted social media influencers, and Legal Services matched the business with a pro bono attorney specializing in intellectual property to trademark the businesses’ brand name and copyright the businesses’ art.

In Tiffany’s own words, “there was a special point in time within my fashion business… that needed assistance to continue to grow. Legal Services offered their services, and my business has been thriving and expanding ever since. Everyone that’s a part of the legal services team was helpful, communicative, resourceful, and truly informative. I greatly appreciate their time and service!”

Black Josei Press LLC is an indie comic book publishing company focused on celebrating comics by and for black and brown women and non-binary people. Business owner, Jamila Rowser, aims to change the comic book industry by publishing comics created by marginalized authors and artists who otherwise would not have a platform. Legal Services’ Staff Attorney Daniela Cimo worked with Jamila to to implement a template printing and publishing contract for comic book creators. The business is now able to operate more efficiently with the standard contract in place. Daniela also provided advice on copyright and other intellectual property issues relating to the publishing of the businesses’ comic books.

In Jamila’s own words, “Thanks to Legal Services of Greater Miami, I've received help with contracts which is critical to being a publisher... they've helped take my business to the next level.”

Small businesses and nonprofits are invited to apply for free legal assistance services provided by the Florida Community Development Legal (FCDL) Project. CLICK HERE to apply.

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