Staff Highlight – Senior Attorney, Christopher Brochyus

Legal Services congratulates Chris Brochyus, who was recently promoted to Senior Attorney of the Tenants’ Rights Unit. A graduate of University of Miami School of Law, Chris has more than ten years’ experience practicing law, serving as a public defender before joining the Legal Services staff in 2016. During his tenure with Legal Services, Chris has excelled both as an attorney and a leader in the community.

Chris is also responsible for overseeing Legal Services’ Tenants Equal Justice Clinic, and for recruiting pro bono attorney volunteers to staff the Clinic. At the Clinic, pro bono volunteers assist tenants with issues ranging from unsafe housing conditions to landlords who refuse to return security deposits. Attorney volunteers receive CLE credit and learn basic landlord-tenant law. The clinics are in the evenings on a monthly basis. To volunteer, contact

As a member of the Tenants’ Rights Unit, Chris provides direct representation to tenants facing eviction and termination of their housing subsidy. He recently successfully in represented an elderly disabled man facing eviction for having an emotional support animal. If not for Chris’ representation, this elderly man would have been evicted from his home. After submitting a request for an accommodation pursuant to the ADA, the landlord stopped accepting the rent and brought a retaliatory eviction against him. The court dismissed the case, and he now remains in his home along with his emotional support animal.

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