STAFF HIGHLIGHT: Simone Bradshaw, Legal Solutions Architect

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Simone Bradshaw, Legal Solutions Architect

Legal Services is excited to have Simone Bradshaw joining us in the new role of Legal Solutions Architect. This position is on the cutting edge of the ever-growing legal technology sector, and we are the first Legal Services program in the nation to take this bold step.

The impact of technological innovation is evident across the legal profession, and at Legal Services we are leveraging technology to more effectively serve our community. Most notably, we developed a statewide online intake application to increase access to legal assistance throughout Florida, and we continue to expand and enhance that system. Our commitment to technology led us to create the Legal Architect position with the aim of further integrating the practice of law with innovative technology solutions.

As a graduate of Faulkner University and Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, Simone has an undergraduate background in computer sciences in addition to her legal training. She is working closely with Legal Services Chief Information Officer, Ilenia Sanchez-Bryson, Esq., on a wide breadth of initiatives. These range from adding Artificial Intelligence to the statewide online intake application, enabling clients to sign documents electronically, and moving toward paperless client files. Our goal with these initiatives is to reduce time on administrative tasks, improve the client experience, and enhance the ability of legal services programs statewide to more efficiently use their limited resources and more effectively serve clients.

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