Pro Bono Spotlight

Legal Services proudly recognized Ryan Tyler, Appellate Attorney at the law firm of Ratzan Weissman & Boldt with the 2021 Equal Justice Pro Bono Solo or Small Firm Award. He was honored at this year’s annual Pro Bono celebration, which gives Legal Services the opportunity to showcase the outstanding contributions by volunteer attorneys and professional partners.

Ryan initially agreed to assist Legal Services with two appeals that involved an unscrupulous landlord who violated the eviction moratorium and defied the Rules of Court by ignoring court orders, engaging in unauthorized communications with the court, moving to recuse multiple judges on the same case, harassing the tenant client, locking the client out of the home, and terminating the tenant’s electricity. Ryan stayed with the case through seven appeals in total.

Ryan is a true pro bono champion because even though he agreed to take two appellate cases in early October 2020, he is still assisting the lead attorney on this matter many months and appeals later!” said Pro Bono Advocacy Director Jayme Cassidy.