Pro Bono Spotlight

Legal Services is transforming its pro bono program to better engage attorneys and enhance opportunities for collaboration. This effort to provide more comprehensive and effective pro bono advocacy is supported by a grant recently awarded by the Florida Bar Foundation.

To spearhead this effort, Legal Services hired Jayme Cassidy as the new Pro Bono Advocacy Director. Jayme brings substantial management experience from her work at several South Florida organizations that provide legal services to the low income and indigent community, including launching the VALOR Project, the Veterans Law Clinic, the Legal Incubator Program, and the Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Law Clinic. Since leaving private practice, Jayme’s goal has been to provide greater access to legal services and help bridge the justice gap.

In leading Legal Services’ pro bono transformation efforts, Jayme’s focus will be on developing quality improvements in attorney engagement and community pro bono collaboration. “I am extremely excited to join the leadership team at Legal Services of Greater Miami, a program whose advocacy has an astounding impact,” said Jayme. “Last year Legal Services assisted 20,000 individuals, bringing economic benefits amounting to over $5M. With greater private attorney and community collaboration, those numbers will increase significantly.”

The private bar often underestimates the value of their pro bono work because the effect of one attorney’s legal work can appear to help with only one individual’s economic benefits. However, there is a ripple effect which extends to family stabilization and neighborhood revitalization. “A decrease in poverty results in an increase in prosperity for the entire community,” says Jayme. “This is a concept that we all can all rally around!”

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