Pro Bono Attorney Spotlight: Wendy Beswick-Robinson

Wendy Beswick-Robinson understands the importance of hard work and the American Dream. An attorney in Jamaica, Wendy obtained her Florida Bar License after she came to the United States. Immediately upon her admission to the Bar, Wendy sought out a pro bono case. She was matched to help Patricia, a wage-earning single parent of two, achieve her American Dream--to become a US Citizen. When asked about her first pro bono experience Wendy responded as follows:

“I was privileged to provide pro bono legal services to a hard-working mother, who is a citizen of the Dominican Republic. As a United States citizen, my client can continue to contribute to our society, but with the added benefits of being a citizen. I prepared her Naturalization Application, the legal process to obtain United States citizenship. The process was an involved one, as the client's native language was Spanish, which required a translator for us to communicate.

I didn't undertake this matter for any acknowledgement, but rather to ensure that I give back to others and reinforce the role of attorneys in society - to help others in their time of need, regardless of their ability to pay. However, true warmness enveloped my heart when I received unexpected acknowledgement from my client. She thanked me and blessed me for helping her, and by extension her children, in this "important step" in her life. Her thanks made the work I did even more fulfilling. I am grateful also to Legal Services and the Florida Bar Foundation for facilitating this opportunity.”

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