Legal Services Successfully Protects Retired Senior’s Most Valuable Asset – His Home

Jorge’s story highlights our advocacy on behalf of Older Americans. At 66 years old and surviving solely on his retirement benefits, Jorge’s life changed when his friend, who he had lived with for many years passed away. Jorge and his friend shared all the expenses for their home, but Jorge was never placed on the deed to the home. Although his friend had a will that left the home to Jorge, more than two years after the friend’s death, the will had not yet been probated. This meant Jorge did not legally own the home.

The City of Sweetwater identified Jorge’s legal challenge and referred him to Legal Services through the Department of Elder Affair’s Elder Law Risk Detector, a FREE web-based tool that service providers can use to screen older adults for potential legal risk and provide a referral to an appropriate legal aid organization.

This made all the difference for Jorge who was terrified he could lose his home after failing to claim the asset left to him. Legal Services Attorney Alice Kerr conducted research and determined the will qualified for Summary Probate Administration. As such, a petition was filed and ultimately, the Court successfully granted summary administration. An order was entered granting Jorge title to the home, and Attorney Kerr made sure it was subsequently recorded in the public records and filed with the property appraiser. Legal Services ensured Jorge’s home was protected and gave him peace of mind.

Legal Services is an advocate and resource for seniors struggling with a variety of legal issues. Help us make a meaningful difference in the life of an Older Adult! CLICK HERE to complete a screening for an individual over 60 years old to determine if he or she is at risk for any legal problems.

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