Legal Services Secures Disability Benefits for Homeless, Mentally Disabled Veteran

Angelo* experienced years of chronic homelessness following his discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps. As a veteran of combat in Somalia, Angelo struggled with severe mental health conditions in civilian life. He struggled to maintain employment and keep his family intact through mental health crises and hospitalizations, and he was eventually unable to work and became estranged from his family. When Angelo sought help from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), he was told he was not eligible for either housing or disability benefits.

After years living on the streets, Angelo came to Legal Services for help gaining eligibility for veteran disability benefits. Legal Services Attorney Liam McGivern successfully demonstrated Angelo began experiencing severe mental health conditions while serving in the Marine Corps., and that his symptoms continued through his discharge to the present day. Thanks to Legal Services’ advocacy, the VA awarded Angelo over $1,100.00 in monthly disability benefits. He also secured a VA subsidized housing voucher through a program that helps chronically homeless veterans transition out of homelessness.

For the past 55 years, Legal Services has been committed to helping veterans like Angelo overcome legal barriers that impact their financial stability.

*Client’s name changed to protect confidentiality.

If you have questions on legal issues pertaining to veterans, such as discharge upgrades and benefits, please contact our office. To apply for services, please visit or call 305-576-0080.

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