David A. Grossman Fellow Removing Barriers to Self-Sufficiency for Residents of Lotus Village

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

David A. Grossman Fellow Jackie Ebert provides the full-range of legal assistance to current and former residents of Lotus Village, a homeless shelter serving 500 women and families. Her work removes barriers to stability, self-sufficiency and self-determination. Since September, some of the project's victories include successfully defending a prior resident against a private-housing eviction, assisting a resident to address an out-of-state warrant so she may seek employment, and assisting a resident to acquire a social security card name correction in order for her to be able to access her benefits.

At the shelter one day a week, she conducts intakes, meets with clients, and provides technical assistance to shelter staff. In addition, the scope of Jackie’s work includes case work in the following areas: dissolution of marriage, identity theft, housing condition issues, eviction defense, social security benefit denials, replacement identification documents, tax issues, and professional license denials.

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