Legal Services Camillus House Partner to Improve the Health of the Most Vulnerable in our Community

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Since 2015, Legal Services has successfully collaborated with Camillus House on the Lazarus Project. Its goal is to assist marginalized, chronically homeless individuals. “The Project helps these homeless individuals overcome health and legal barriers that prevent them from getting the services they need to stabilize their health and, eventually, get housed,” said Legal Services Attorney Daniel Rowinsky.

Lazarus Project participants suffer from severe mental and physical illnesses and often resist seeking services from the community. For this reason, the Lazarus Project brings the services directly to the participants on the street. The medical team identifies legal issues that might prevent participants from accessing income or housing and refers those participants to Legal Services.

Rey was referred to Legal Services after the Lazarus Project identified a subsidized property Rey would be able to rent if he had income. Rey suffers from a severe form of schizoaffective disorder that renders him unable to work and had been homeless for several years. Despite his condition, his application for Social Security disability was denied. Legal Services represented Rey in his disability hearing before the Social Security Administration. Ultimately, the judge approved Rey’s disability claim. Because of the successful collaboration between the Lazarus Project and Legal Services, Rey is no longer homeless – he has secured income, housing, and medical coverage.

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