Legal Services Assists Family to Have a Safe and Affordable Home

Tania is a single mother supporting her daughter with disabilities, while also being the sole caretaker for her elderly mother. She was a former resident of public housing but left her unit because of poor conditions and the safety of her daughter. On the Section 8 voucher waiting list since 2008, she received a notice in 2020 that due to a judgment against her in public housing she was ineligible for a housing voucher.

She came to Legal Services for assistance, and Staff Attorney Robert Jack successfully got the judgment in a prior housing case vacated and represented her at the informal hearing with Section 8. The Hearing Officer decided in Tania’s favor, reinstituting her on the waitlist and she received a Section 8 voucher shortly after. Additionally, Legal Services assisted Tania with her Reasonable Accommodation Request to ensure that her housing was appropriate for her disabled daughter. Thanks to our advocacy, Tania and her daughter and elderly mother are in a safe and stable home for years to come.

In Tania’s own words, “I have no words to describe what Legal Services and Robert Jack did for me. If I could stand in front of the building holding a sign that says how much they helped me, I would. I have a special needs daughter and an elderly mother. We were about to lose everything, and I did not know what to do. Legal Services saved us and there is no amount of money in the world that could pay them for that. I am forever grateful.”

If you need assistance with housing related matters, please visit or call 305-576-0080 to apply for services.

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