Donor Spotlight: Richard A. Warren, Esq.

Richard A. Warren, a Chesterfield Smith Society Guardian Member, describes why he is a longstanding supporter of the Legal Services mission as follows:

“The health of any society depends on the inclusion of all its members in its political, economic, and communal life. A legal system that is available to everyone, not just to those who can afford the expense, helps knit our community together. By providing legal representation to the indigent, Legal Services not only assists its clients but benefits us all.”

Warren’s continuing support through the Chesterfield Smith Society ensures that Legal Services can respond to vulnerable members of our community who turn to us when they need help accessing housing, education and healthcare - the essentials of personal safety and well-being. For information on how you can join the Chesterfield Smith Society, please contact

The Chesterfield Smith Society for Equal Justice is an annual giving society that continues the legacy of the great Chesterfield Smith (1917-2003), a lifelong advocate of Legal Services for the Poor. Chesterfield encouraged all lawyers to “do good” by supporting organizations that work to en­sure that all persons have access to justice in our civil legal system without regard to their ability to pay. Membership includes invitations to “members only” events.

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