Donor Spotlight: Legal Services Thanks Charles J. Foschini,Esq.,Berkadia

Legal Services of Greater Miami thanks Charles J. Foschini Esq. of Berkadia for his dedication to our clients who turn to us when they need help accessing housing, education and healthcare - the essentials of personal safety and well-being. As a Guardian member of the Chesterfield Smith Society, his support ensures a “level playing field” for everyone and that the rights of the most vulnerable among us are protected with the highest quality of legal advocacy.

“While perhaps I have creatively used the law in business to build a career in the real estate capital markets I have never forgotten my time as a student at the “U”, the duties and power of a member of the bar, and my semester as an ASA in the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office.

Seeing so many in our community without anyone to stand up for them was deeply affecting. Before the demands of family and career took precedent, it was a privilege to donate time to legal services and assist those who had no other champion.  Over the years as my career has evolved it has also provided the additional opportunity to lend consistent support to Legal Services and provide the shield and sword of the law to those among us that would have no other recourse to protect and defend themselves.” 

The Chesterfield Smith Society is an annual giving society that continues the legacy of the great Chesterfield Smith (1917-2003), a lifelong advocate for Legal Services for the Poor. Chesterfield encouraged all lawyers to “do good” by supporting organizations that work to ensure that all persons have access to justice in our civil legal system without regard to their ability to pay.

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