Donor Spotlight: Dr. Alma Kadragic

Dr. Kadragic, President of Alcat Communications International, LLC

We are pleased to welcome the newest member to our Leadership Circle, Dr. Alma Kadragic. Dr. Kadragic is President of Alcat Communications International, LLC and has an extensive background as a journalist and writer in the fields of women’s entrepreneurship in developing countries, political, economic and cultural development in Eastern Europe and development of women in society in the Middle East. She currently directs business development for Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services, a Florida-based provider of strategic financial management.

Why Legal Services? What is it about our work that interests you?

Determining how to access our legal system when injustices require legal advocacy, be it access to housing, healthcare or education most times requires more knowledge of what is possible than most people understand. Leveling the playing field for the most vulnerable in our community is essential to gaining the personal rights to which they are entitled under the law. Legal Services in an organization that utilizes the law to help people overcome unfair and unjust situations in many areas.

What is your philosophy regarding philanthropy?

I prefer to support organizations the help people directly rather than a large group that dispenses aid in many directions. People without personal resources require the expertise and understanding from an objective party who understands the context of a problem like losing a job or housing or being victimized because they don’t have the intimate knowledge of the justice system. They need Legal Services because Legal Services uses the law effectively to solve problems.

How does Legal Services reflect that philosophy?

Legal Services helps people directly through its staff of lawyers and pro bono work by the private bar who take on specific cases that fit their own legal profile and specializations.

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