Congratulations to Staff Attorney Pamela Flores for her work with the LGBTQ Community!

Since 2016, Legal Services Staff Attorney Pamela Flores has been committed to the LGBTQ Rights Project in collaboration with community partners and organizations in order to advance social justice for the LGBTQ community.

Legal Services’ partner, The Alliance for GLBTQ Youth, is a local non-profit organization that provides prevention, early intervention social services, and advocacy to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (GLBTQ) youth, their families, and communities. Legal Services supports their efforts by providing technical legal support to their case managers, as well as providing free legal assistance to their clients.

This year, The Alliance for GLBTQ Youth is recognizing Pamela’s hard work and dedication to the LGBTQ youth and is presenting her with their Annual Advocacy Award. “Recognition from The Alliance for GLBTQ Youth for Legal Services’ work is tremendously meaningful to me,” said Pamela Flores, Esq. I admire the work that the organization does every day to help some of our community's most vulnerable youth. I'm thankful that we can continue to work with the Alliance and contribute to its mission to improve the lives of LGBTQ youth."

Legal Services congratulates Pamela Flores for her accomplishments in this area and is proud to participate in this important work.

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