Celebrating Pride Month

Legal Services proudly champions the rights of the LGBTQ+ Community. Through the LGBTQ Rights Project, we assist clients facing healthcare, housing, and workplace discrimination. Additionally, Legal Services attorneys represent clients in obtaining name and gender marker changes that conform to their gender identity. Basic proof of identity documents is required for everyday activities such as traveling, working, and entering government and other secure buildings. Such documents are needed to use a credit card or to show to a police officer during a routine stop. When transgender and gender non-conforming individuals do not have access to these credentials, they are at an even greater risk for discriminatory barriers in every single aspect of their lives.

Legal Services advocacy ensures access to basic identity documents is no longer out of reach for many like Aiyana Angeni Gonzalez, a transgender woman. Legal Services represented Ms. Gonzalez in obtaining a name and gender marker change, so she can live an authentic life.

In Ms. Gonzalez’s own words, “Pamela Flores and Legal Services of Greater Miami came into my life during a time of great fear and worry amidst my stepping into the Truth of my Being. Through their services and the benevolence of our court system and judge, I walked out feeling confident and proud of who I am and knowing that there is a place for me in this world exactly as I am. I am in deep gratitude for their kindness and generosity, but more so for their humanity in honoring the call to serve and empower so many others, who like myself, needed legal assistance and support in a time of great uncertainty."

Also, getting her name and gender marker legally changed gave Ms. Gonzalez the confidence she needed to accomplish many of her goals. She graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work from Barry University to fulfill her dream of a career helping others. Post-graduation, Ms. Gonzalez now works serving some of our most vulnerable elderly people in our community. She is also an advocate for the LGBTQ community, working to improve the lives of other transgender individuals through her volunteer work. Ms. Gonzalez currently serves as the Chairwoman for the LGBTQ Advisory Board for Miami-Dade County - the first transgender individual to ever have this role in Miami-Dade County as well as in the State of Florida!

Legal Services is honored to have assisted Aiyana Angeni Gonzalez throughout this process and wishes her much continued success. If you or someone you know needs assistance with name or gender marker changes, please visit https://www.legalservicesmiami.org/self-help or call 305-576-0080 to apply for services.

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