Bridging the Digital Divide

Legal Services is committed to maximizing technology to help us more effectively serve the community. This year we were excited to receive two grants from the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) which put us on the cutting edge of technology in legal services programs. The grants fund the expansion of our existing online intake application to all seven LSC- funded programs in Florida. The expanded application will provide low-income clients in every county in Florida the ability to apply for legal assistance anytime from any device.

Additionally, the application will be enhanced to allow clients to take pictures of their legal documents and submit them along with their application for services. The application will also leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to scan the uploaded documents for important facts about the case and transmit the information to the assigned attorney. These new tools will allow for a faster review of the case and more immediate assistance to the client. The use of AI in the legal profession is expected to grow dramatically in the coming years and we are focused on leveraging this powerful tool to provide access to equal justice for our clients.

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