Board of Directors Spotlight: From Manny Dobrinsky, Esq., President of the Board

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Manny Dobrinsky, Esq., President of the Board

We are grateful to Grove Bank and Trust for sponsoring the Board of Directors Passing of the Gavel Reception on September 24th. I look forward to my term as President of the Board and welcome my fellow officers:

Julie Azuaje, Esq. 1st Vice President

Linda Lott 2nd Vice President

D. Porpoise Evans, Esq. Treasurer

Karen Lapekas, Esq. Secretary

As the needs of our community grow, the diversity of our new board members ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of legal services delivery and vigilant in our response to community needs. I would like to welcome the following new Board members:

Loreal Arscott, Esq.

Marissa Altman-Glatzer, Esq.

Candice Balmori, Esq.

Jason E. Bloch, Esq.

Hung Nguyen, Esq.

Hermine Wilson

I invite our friends and donors to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities to participate in the many activities at Legal Services. Whether it’s taking on a pro bono case, attending a function, or participating in Give Miami Day, your participation and support is critical to keeping the doors to the courthouse open for the more than 500,000 of our neighbors who need our help. You make the difference!

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